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Looking for an English teaching job abroad?

Exclusive lifetime, proactive job programme will find English teaching jobs for you

EBC's job placement assistance programme for the online and online + teaching practice course

Job placement for the online + teaching practice option

  • Everything mentioned below is what is included.
  • The job workshops are given in the morning on the Monday and Thursday of the week after you finish your 2 week course. We recommend that you attend.

Job placement for the online only option

  • Students that take the online only TEFL certificate course (EBC's or any other) will have a difficult time convincing employers that they can teach because they have not done any teaching practice. For this reason you will find it hard to find a job with an online only TEFL certificate.
  • The items mentioned in the section below called "We will train you how to pass an interview for English teaching jobs abroad" are only included as a section in the online course.
  • The CV/resume sending is limited to a one time only send to two cities of your choice, it is not lifetime.

Is getting an English teaching job asap after graduating important to you?

If it is, then look no further. EBC has possibly the best English teaching job placement assistance programme available today.

  • EBC's English teaching job placement programme is so efficient .....
  • that you don't have to look for work, .....
  • work comes looking for you!

Do we guarantee work? No, we don't and it is fraudulent for EBC or any other organisation to promise a job before we've even spoken to you. Any guaranteed job promise, sight unseen, is highly suspicious.

EBC can make one true statement. Our English teaching job placement programme has been so successful over the last 10 years that ...

if you fail to get interviews and a job after taking the EBC TEFL course, you'll be the first!

EBC's English teaching job placement assistance programme is:

  • Unrivalled - no one does what we do
  • Proactive - we send your CV/resume for you
  • Fast - we send when you ask
  • Efficient - language school responses are quick
  • Lifetime - this service never expires
  • Worldwide - we'll send your CV where you want it sent
  • Exclusive - the programme is only for EBC graduates
  • Effortless - all you do is receive and decide on job offers

Our TEFL course job programme will have you working within a few days (or less) of graduating.

So far, everyone who has taken our 2 or 4 week TEFL course and then wanted to stay on and work has done so. This is regardless of what passport they hold.

We will train you how to pass an interview for English teaching jobs abroad

We can't pass the job interviews for you so the EBC English teaching job programme includes job workshops to thoroughly prepare you for job interviews and what to expect when you enter into the English teaching sector.

The workshops cover the following key areas:

  • The best way to target you CV/resume
  • How to pass a job interview
  • The job market
  • What to expect when you are teaching
  • Working conditions
  • What to ask at the interview
  • What to say at the interview
  • What NOT to say or ask at the interview
  • How to schedule interviews
  • Job contracts
  • How to judge if a job offer is fair or not
  • Taxes, social security, pay and conditions
  • Preparing for "nightmare" questions
  • Questions you'll be asked ..... and more

If you do not follow our instructions given during the English teaching job placement programme job workshops, EBC will not accept any responsibility for you not finding an English teaching job. Our methods are proven to work and are founded on common sense, so please follow them if you want to work.

The EBC English teaching job placement programme contains

  • Professional CV/resume formatting
  • Job preparation workshops
  • Professional cover letter
  • Personalised introductions to language schools
  • EBC applies for jobs for you
  • EBC makes sure that schools contact you to offer you jobs
  • EBC makes sure that you get work after finishing the course at FULL MARKET RATES
  • Store your CV/resume, personalise your own cover letter and apply for jobs around the world using our exclusive Student Zone web site
  • Get job advice/help from EBC at any time after you graduate
  • The EBC job assistance programme is lifetime and worldwide
  • Job and university references when you need them

EBC will give you all the help and advice you will need to get an English teaching job abroad with reputable educational institutions.

It is always faster to find work in your campus location's area. However, if you want to work outside of your course campus area, please bear in mind that it will take a little longer to get working. How much longer depends on where you choose, but EBC will help you throughout the process, and will help you get work.

EBC is an accredited centre of Anglia Examinations and a registered agent of Chichester College

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