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A TEFL certificate born in Madrid Spain, one of the world's TEFL hot-spots

About EBC, where we came from, why and what we do

EBC TEFL certificate courses - what is EBC?

The EBC TEFL course, training since 1995EBC (Executive Business Communications) started life in Madrid in 1995 and over the years has become a well established language school. This experience teaching English as a foreign language means that EBC knows what it takes to become a highly employable English language teacher.

At the beginning of 2002 the owners of EBC witnessed a gradual change in attitude The EBC TEFL course, training since 1995from their clients. The days of the back-packer teacher were over so some serious and rigorous teacher training was required. EBC found that the local supply of allegedly "trained" teachers was weak and many of them had little exposure to the day-to-day practical issues associated with teaching English.

Starting from need for properly trained teachers the EBC TEFL certificate course was born in Madrid. Since then EBC has become a well-respected TEFL certificate course around the world.

The "best" TEFL certificate courses were inadequate

The EBC selection staff also found that even teachers that had gone through the allegedly "best" courses were lacking in the key area of practice as they had very limited exposure to teaching full classes.

Even today, the "best" TEFL certificate course only allows students to teach one after another (like a production line) in 20 minutes slots and only exposes them to two language learner levels.

For EBC, this was and still is unacceptable because it is not what happens in the real world of teaching.

The start of the EBC International TEFL Certificate

This signaled the start of a new project that delivered the EBC International TEFL Certificate course in the Autumn of 2002.

When the EBC International TEFL Certificate course was ready, we built this web site for it. Although it's changed a lot over the years, it was created on November 13, 2002, so that's how long we've been around.

The start of the EBC Online TEFL Certificate

After years of success with the 4 week intensive EBC International TEFL Certificate course, EBC lanched its online TEFL certificate course in 2007.

Meet the team of PhDs that moderate us

EBC's credentials - experience and quality are the cornerstones of what we do

  • All our trainers have a minimum of 5 years English teaching experience. Many of them have much more.
  • All our trainers have, at least, a Bachelors degree in education and/or English language.
  • Many of our trainers have more than one degree and some have been university professors.
  • EBC is a member of the Camera de Comercio in Spain which acts the same way as the "Better Business Bureau" in the USA.
  • EBC is a member of IATEFL an international TEFL association.
  • EBC is a member of TESOL Spain an international TESOL association.
  • EBC is an accredited centre of Anglia Examinations an international EFL/ESL testing organisation.
  • EBC is an accredited international centre of Chichester College.
  • EBC's 4 week intensive TEFL course is certified by Ascentis, a British examination board, as being at QCF level 4.
  • QCF is the United Kingdom's official classification system for all academic awards.
  • EBC is accredited and externally moderated by the Academic Advisory Board.

EBC is an accredited centre of Anglia Examinations and a registered agent of Chichester College

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