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EBC's TEFL course teaching practice covers all learner levels, not just a few

EBC gives you teaching practice to non-native English speakers

The EBC advantage, a 2 week teaching practice course to complement your 100 hour online TEFL course

EBC knows from many years of experience that teaching practice is a very important factor in any TESOL TEFL teacher training course. There is no online replacement for observed teaching practice on real language students in a classroom to prepare you for the real world of teaching. To address this vital need, EBC gives you the option to take a teaching practice module in our Madrid training centre.

We suggest that you seriously consider taking our 2 week teaching practice course after completing the 100 hour online course because it will give you a certificate that is more attractive to potential employers.

The 2 week teaching practice course includes observed teaching practice given to learners at all levels and will give you that much needed advantage over other online only certificate holders that are competing with you for the same jobs.

EBC will train you how to teach to all language learner levels

You may have read on our EBC organisation information page that the EBC selection staff found that teachers that had gone through the allegedly "best" course were lacking in the key area of teaching practice as they had no exposure to teaching full, one hour classes.

This page explains how we run our TEFL course teaching practice so that you get the best possible practical experience teaching English to non-English speakers.

Teaching practice is probably the most important thing you will do on your TEFL course. Prospective employers will almost certainly insist that your course has given you proper training that includes teaching practice given to non-English speakers. The best schools will definitely insist on it.

EBC is one of very few TEFL course training schools that:

  • takes teaching practice seriously,
  • puts in the time to pre-arrange your individualised teaching practice schedule,
  • helps you organise your time by giving you your teaching schedule on the first day of the course,
  • ensures that you teach to non-native English speakers,
  • and makes sure that you get to teach to all learner levels from A1 to C2.

Our efforts and training ensure that you make the grade when prospective employers ask you in for an interview.

Teaching practice is included in our 4 week intensive TEFL course and our 2 week teaching practice course.

From someone who took the "best course"

"I am a PhD student who is looking at ESL training as part of my dissertation. I just took the XXXXX course and was surprised and deeply disappointed.

Now that the XXXXX course is completed, I have to write a paper on my thoughts about my experience, and the quality of the training generally.

I began looking on the internet for other courses to see if my disappointment was warranted and I came across your course. What you offer is what I expected to get from XXXXX but did not.

In comparison, their course was, how shall we say, LAME!

If I could I would take your course. Your course is more logically and practically organized (i.e., teaching at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels), practice with peers, UNHOSTILE trainers.

One of the things I found most troubling with XXXXX was the unwillingness to entertain questions, lack of ANY theory whatsoever, slavishly following a script, no actual modeling except for how they trained us, well this list could go on.

Regards, Sherrie"

We've also had first-hand experience of dissatisfied XXXXX students. Two have taken our course. The first, Laura (Texas, USA), left her XXXXX course because she got sick of the insults and jibes about her not being able to speak English properly because she was American. The second case was stranger still. The student, Yan Ting (London, UK) had actually finished her XXXXX course and then she took EBC's. At the end of the course she told us that the EBC course was what she had hoped the XXXXX course would have been.

EBC guarantees the following for your teaching practice classes

  • You will teach your 8 hours of observed practice classes to non-native English speakers.
  • We show you how to create your lessons plans and teaching material.
  • We ensure that your teaching practice gives you experience teaching to all levels.
  • Teaching to all levels will give you invaluable insight into each level’s learning challenges.
  • Your practice prepares you for the real world of teaching.
  • You will teach to beginner, intermediate and advanced level learners.
  • You will teach at least 2 classes to each of these learner levels.
  • You will teach to all levels so that you can see first-hand what each level's learning problems are and the types of questions you are asked.
  • Your teaching practice schedule will be given to you on the first day of the course.
  • Your classes are grouped by level according to international standards.
  • The accepted codes for the international standards are: Beginner (A1/A2) Intermediate (B1/B2) Advanced (C1/C2).
  • As well as teaching your practice classes you will also be given 8 hours of trainer demonstration classes.
  • As preparation for your practice classes there is an additional 8 hours of trainer observed micro-teaching (dress rehearsals).

EBC is an accredited centre of Anglia Examinations and a registered agent of Chichester College

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